Blue Cross Blue Shield Patients2022-09-29T14:29:10-05:00

To Our Valued Patient,

Many years ago, we chose to participate as providers with the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Dental Network. For several years following the decision, the number of patients who carried the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO dental plan was manageable.

More recently, there has been an upward trend in the number of our patients carrying the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan. We are grateful in the continued trust our patients and community have in our practice. However, due to decreasing reimbursement rates from the Blue Cross Blue Shield that are non-negotiable, we have decided to make a change.

Effective January 1, 2023, we will no longer be considered a preferred provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

We have researched the trend of decreasing insurance reimbursement rates carefully and believe that maintaining our practice’s autonomy will allow us to better care for our patients.

What does this mean?

We want to be abundantly clear that we are not turning away any of our Blue Cross Blue Shield patients. Our current office policy is to submit to any dental insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield included.

You may be subject to slightly different rates for some areas of your dental care. You may be responsible for a balance for procedures that may have been covered at a higher rate in the past. We will continue to assist you during this time of change.

We appreciate you as a patient and will continue to help you with your dental needs.


Mason, Faith & Hoscheit D.D.S.

For more information about your plan, please click here to visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield website.

Frequently Asked Questions
If there is a financial hardship, what should I do?2022-09-16T16:33:10-05:00

We are happy to work with you to discuss payment plans and we offer third-party financing through CareCredit.

Will treatment started be honored under the Blue Cross Blue Shield preferred provider fee structure?2022-09-29T14:24:24-05:00

Yes, of course!

Why are we not in network after so many years?2022-09-16T16:33:14-05:00

It was time to separate to maintain a practice culture dedicated to how we want to treat our patients. We work 100% for our patients, not the insurance company. We accept all insurance that allows you to go to a dentist of your choice.

I have never paid for a cleaning in the past with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Will I now?2022-09-29T14:23:28-05:00

Your coverage will vary according to what your insurance plan establishes for out-of-network services. We have structured our treatment pricing to be affordable for most individuals and families.

You are no longer in Blue Cross Blue Shield network. Does this mean I can no longer come to your practice?2022-09-29T13:46:04-05:00

We hope you continue to come to us! We are now an out-of-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield. In some cases, you may pay more out of pocket expense. Contact your insurance provider to understand and know your benefits.